We've used Trust N Us Services for a number of things over the years for our rental properties. They consistently do a great job and take care of all the little (and not so little!) issues that pop up with rentals.

It's nice not having to deal with a painting company, a dry wall company, a remodeling company and a lawn care company AND a cleaning company. We can just call ONE number and get just about anything taken care of!

-SG - Austin, TX

SG, Austin, TX

We used 'Trust N Us' for just about all of their services and we are completely satisfied with the outcome. Most of all, the employees are trust worthy and hard workers with great qualities. The owner went above and beyond to accommodate us with our specific needs. What a great company! One stop shop for all your home requirements.



LR, Killeen, TX

They did a great cleaning and repair job on my apartment - fixed some drywall damage and got everything really nice and clean. Will definately be using them again.



TJ, Killeen, TX