We understand that house cleaning is a very personal thing. That is why our team will do their best not to disappoint you, handling everything according to your specifications and requests. So many people so many tastes, this is why we customize our services to you and to your budget.
Our company provides you with free in-house consultations.

We offer: First time cleaning & Regularly scheduled services

House Cleaning

housecleaningAll first time cleanings are at an hourly rate, being that the size and condition of every home we walk into is different.
Our first visit is more like detailed cleaning. Before we can begin a regularly scheduled cleaning of a home there are a variety of first-time tasks that require extra time and effort. If we do not get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing the new dirt will not make your home sparkle. It is common for us to spend from two to four times longer on a first-time cleaning than it takes us on regular, repeat maintenance visit.



Apartment Cleaning

apartmentcleaningWe take pride in delivering first class cleaning services that will meet your specific needs. Everyone is different, and no two apartments are exactly alike. This is why we let you, the customer, create the priority list, which will ensure that our team pays special attention to the things that matter the most.





Office Cleaning

officecleaningOur professional cleaning service team understands that a sparkling, clean and tidy office is a key to a company’s success and reputation. We offer you professional and flexible cleaning services. We schedule the work to your timetable..





Move In / Move Out Cleaning

moveoutcleaningWhen providing move-in and move-out services, our primary goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for clients. We want you to know that you can depend on us to meet your needs. Trust N Us Cleaning Services professional staff pays attention to every detail so you can specify any particular areas or items that should be cleaned with greater attention.





Pre-Construction/Post-Construction Cleaning

postconstructionHave you just finished redoing your house, kitchen or bathroom? Trust N Us Cleaning Services wants to save you time and energy, with our comprehensive post-construction cleaning services. Our teams of skilled professionals provide worry-free and punctual detailed cleanings to ensure that new homes, apartments, offices and condos are sparkling clean.

Our technicians are fully experienced in this type of cleaning. We have already assisted a lot of customers to overcome the pre/post construction cleaning stage and now we are willing to help you too!