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Building Fences

Trust N Us Services builds fences for home and commercial properties. Call us today for a free quote for your fencing needs.

Duplex gets a fence

The owner of this duplex wanted to add a privacy fence for their tenants. Privacy fences add curb appeal and provide extra protection for pets and children.


Marking Post Locations

After the required permits have been issued, TNU workers carefully measure and mark the location of each fence post.


Digging Post Holes

Each post hole is then dug using professional grade equipment. Such equipment is a must in the hard & rocky Texas soil.


Mixing Concrete

Each post hole is buried a full 2 feet into the ground and surrounded by concrete. This ensures the fence will withstand the wear and tear of time, weather and more.

Plumb and level

Each post is carefully set into the concrete. Here a TNU worker ensures the posts are plumb and level. This step is critical for making good looking & lasting fences.

Attaching Crossbeams

Here the TNU worker is attaching the cross beams to the fence posts using wood screws. Screws hold up better over time, ensuring that this fence will need less maintenance down the road.

All the Posts Are In

Now all the fence posts and cross beams are in place. Time to focus on the gate next.

Framing the Gate

The gate is carefully framed and is now ready for the pickets.

Aligning Pickets

Pickets are installed on the fence. Each picket is carefully aligned with the top guide line to ensure its proper placement. TNU uses wood screws instead of nails to attach each picket. It takes just a little longer, but the fence will require far less maintenance in the years to come as a result.

Finished Gate

The hardware is installed on the gate and is is checked for proper operation. Installed properly, a gate will open and close easily for years to come.

Finished fence

Here’s a view of the fence with all the pickets in place.

Fence and gate are complete.

Now that the job is complete, TNU workers carefully clean up after themselves – removing all debris from the job site. The finished work is ready for inspection by the home owner.












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